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Tilite Porcelain List

Talladium offers four Tilite Alloys w/Titanium in four co-efficiency ranges keyed to different porcelains.

Star Alloy

 Avante  Sensation  Synspar
 Ceramco II Silver  Spectrum  


Premium Alloy

 Luminesse High Fusing  Elephant *Olympic II
 *Excelco *Pencraft
  Luminesse Low Fusing  Excelsior  Radiance
 *Finesse**  Reflex
 Authentic Pulse  Fortune  Silhouette
 *Ceramax  GC Initial MC  Solera
 *Ceramco  Illusion  *Tru-Est
 *Ceramco II  IPS d.sign  V-Series
 Ceramco 3  IPS InLine  *Vintage-Halo
 Ceramco iC  *Jelenko  Vision (bisque bake 10°C higher)
 C-Mix  Life-Essence  VM®13
 Duceram  *Micro-Bond  VMK Master
 Duceram-Kiss  Microlucent  *Will-Ceram
 Duceram Plus  Noritake EX-3  *ZEO CE Light


"V" Alloy

 *BMK  *Vintage (Regular)
 *Creation*** * VMK-68
 Elite  *VMK-68N
 Heraceram  *Vita Omega 900
 Symbio Ceram  


Omega Alloy

 *IPS Classic  *VMK-95


*These have been approved and tested by Talladium
**Talladium suggest using the regular opaque in a neutral shade, like the A-2, for the first opaque coat
   and fire at 1850 - 1875°F.  Then on the second coat use the Finesse opaque
***When firing the body bake (bisque bake) @ 895°C/1643°F use the Tilite V Alloy
***When firing the body bake (bisque bake) @ 915°C/1679°F use the Tilite Premium Alloy
Note: Talladium is not responsible for changes made by the porcelain manufacturer.